Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm finally awake and ready to mini-thon!

I contemplated waking up at 2am to start on time with the rest of you but this week has been ROUGH whst with the jetlag and the head and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Not even for snacks,  mini or otherwise.

So that's why I'm almost 4 hours late to start and typing this out on my phone* (using my laptop opens me up to to many distractions and it's time to READ YO).

Because it's so early I probably won't be snacking for awhile- except coffee and that won't be mini- but when I  do start to snack these are some of the things I'm eating.

Mini beef burgandy pies, mini sweet potato gems amd mini m&ms in a very not mini bag. I should have bought some mini fruit or croissants for breakfast or something.

As for books I don't have any clear goals except to try and finish GUARDS! GUARDS! which is mini because it's a single book from a very large series (ok that's reaching) and it has mini dragons in it. Also I'm going to read HOLIDAYS ON ICE, which is not only mini because it's short stories but there are also only 5 stories,  plus the book is quite tiny and I boight it for a mini price at Strand in New York. NAILED IT.

Yay!  Let's get reading!

*typing on my phone means more typos though,  so whoops pretend you don't see any I missed.


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