Thursday, January 9, 2014

Guess Who's Back...Back Again...Kayleigh's Back, Tell Your Friends...

Did I just title this post after an Eminem song?

Yes, yes I did. I blame it on the jet lag.

Guys, I'm back!! It's a little mixed emotion-y, because on the one hand I'm sad face because my holiday is over, on the other hand I'm happy face because I get my bed and kitten and friends back, but on another hand I miss the snow and the food and the adventures but on the other hand beaches and my kitten. So yes, very mixed feelings over here in Australia. Also, the jet lag. I thought we were going to be fine, we slept on the plane, went to bed at a normal time the first two nights home and woke up at a regular time the first morning. But then I woke up at 10 to 5 yesterday morning, fell asleep at 6.30pm last night and woke up at 4am today. Hopefully we can get our sleep back on track soon because 4am is not a pleasant time to wake up even when you're waking up then wide-awake.

I did a bunch of stuff since the last time I posted about my holiday. We left New York and visited Boston, Providence and Philadelphia before heading up into Canada to visit Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto. And we had a teeny tiny pit-stop in LA where I got to see the Hollywood sign and Meg *waves over at Meg* HI MEG! I got to meet my aunt for the very first time (she's crazy awesome) and spend Christmas with my nana who I hadn't seen in 20 years, had my first white Christmas and saw my first hockey game (officially a convert, GO LEAFS), saw half a dozen movies which won't be out in Australia for months and amazingly didn't buy any more books.

I'm going to post a collection of reviews of the books I read on my holiday later today, but this was mostly a post to say hi (HI!!) and let you know I'm alive. Also, some photos.These are off my phone, so they're of varying levels of quality. When I actually plug in my real camera I might do some bigger posts about the holiday and recommendations and pictures. If anyone wants that. Does anyone want that?

Panorama shot up at the Griffith Observatory in LA
TCL Chinese Theatre - LA
Tom and I on New Years - Toronto
This is what front row seats at a hockey game looks like - Toronto
I'm going to miss the snow SO MUCH - Montreal
Old Quebec City
I saw this! I actually got to see this IRL! -New York
The Guggenheim - New York
Panorama at Alcatraz - San Francisco


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