Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Links

^^Jennifer Lawrence being awesome and candid about X-Men and Silver Linings Playbook and acting. (sort of via Belle's Bookshelf - it's part 2 to her part 1)

*This twitter account NAILS the Sex and the City narration and I would totally see a SATC sequel if this person wrote it! (Via Jezebel)

*I really liked this article from Gary Soto about why he decided children's writing wasn't for him. It's kind of insane. (Via The Huffington Post)

*A fantastic essay about Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye and censorship. (Via The Millions)

And because today marks the end of Breaking Bad *sob* here are a bunch of Breaking Bad links. Some spoilers will exist in all of them if you aren't up to date.

*Aaron Paul's love for his wife is a beautiful thing -although I find the 'pretty bird' nickname a little weird (Via Buzzfeed)

*Internet Film School: Breaking Bad and focus (Via AV Club)

*Breaking Bad mash-ups are the best mash-ups. I think the Nirvana/pink bear shirt is my fave (Via Buzzfeed)

*The cast of Breaking Bad unveil some character secrets and motivations. Possible spoilers if you aren't up to date. (Via Buzzfeed)

*Someone remade the song "Jesse's Girl" to "I Wish I Wasn't Jesse's Girl" - poor guy, but they're right, it's dangerous dating Pinkman! Definite spoilers. (Via Uproxx)


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