Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Graphic Novel Mini-Review #14

Ten Grand (issue #1)

Written by: J. Michael Straczynski, Illustrated by: Ben Templesmith

Published: 2013

My Thoughts: I will buy anything Ben Templesmith adds his name to, so perhaps my opinion is terribly biased, but I did love the crap out of this comic. I found this story of a depressed and end-of-his-tether ex-crime-enforcer who will now take on any job for the right price really engaging, and Templesmith's art has a key role in that. The darkness and lonliness of the text and story blends gorgeously with Templesmith's style and colour palette and I can't wait to see where this cult-investigation heads.

Axe Cop: President of the World (Volume #4)

Written by: Malachai Nicolle; Illustrated by: Ethan Nicolle

Published: 2012

My Thoughts: Written by a kid and illustrated by his older brother, this series is the most amazing and wonderfully bizarre thing I've ever read (check out their website and youtube stuff too!). In this volume Axe Cop (soon to be played on TV by Nick Offerman) is president of Earth and after one million years of peace, the bad guys are back and ready to kill everyone and take over Earth. The stuff this kid comes up with is crazy creative, and it's kind of sad to think one day he'll grow up and outgrow it all, but until then drink in the weird guys, it's delicous.

Oldboy (Volume #1)

Written by: Garon Tsuchiya; Illustrated by: Nobuaki Minegishi; Translator: Kumar Sivasubramanian

Published: 1997

My thoughts: I really love the Korean movie that is based on this manga series, so I thought I should check out the series to see what the film missed out or changed. But because I know the basic narrative structure and plot sequence I found this book a little boring. It's well written, well illustrated and I can see it's leading towards the juicy stuff, but at this point it's too much set up and not enough stuff. Definitely good enough for me to continue on with though, just make sure you loan/buy the first few volumes at once.


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