Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Links

So I was thinking about doing a birthday post, but then I felt a little weird being like "LOOK AT ALL THE STUFF PEOPLE BOUGHT ME! LOOK!" so instead I decided to leave as a small section at the start of my Monday Links post. Considering how much I read I actually very rarely get any books or bookish things, but this year was pretty splendid in that department. I received Fangirl from my sister, NOS4R2 from my friend Luke, Tom bought me a bitchin' new kindle, his parents gifted me money which went towards a neato Game of Thrones kindle case from etsy, and Laura not only wished me happy birthday on every social media platform in existence, she sent me a package full of goodies!

Eeeeek look at all the birthday awesome!

So THANK YOU Laura and everyone else for making my birthday extra super special this year!

Onto the links!

*This series of photos takes old crime scene pictures from the 1920s etc and superimposes them onto the location as it exists today. It's fascinating, but be warned there are some graphic images. (Via fstoppers)

*One of the girls from the Blurred Lines video game is going to be in the new Gone Girl film. Also, is anyone a little weary about how that book will translate to film? (Via Filmdrunk)

*Stephen King has explained why he dislikes Kubrick's film so much, he finds the portrayal of Wendy misogynistic. (Via Jezebel)

*I know this isn't news for anyone, but here's the interview with Rainbow Rowell discussing the absurd censorship of E&P. (Via The Toast)

*Did you know that in Russia there is a cat that wears a bowtie and works in a library? Well there is, and spoiler alert: it's adorable. (Via Buzzfeed)

*Jamie Lee Curtis is heading back to horror with a new TV show. (Via Jezebel)


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