Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Links

*This cracked me up. 49 Reasons why The Notebook is the worst movie ever (Via Buzzfeed)

*Heck yes. An awesome post on why "b" movies (read: genre films) are just as worthy for awards as traditional films. Suck it Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Via Flavorwire)

*I think we're all aware how utterly grim most Grimm fairytale stories were, but here are 5 that take the cake. (Via Cracked)

*A review of Pet Semetary, perhaps one of my favourite Stephen King books (Via The Guardian)

*Two posts from Book Riot about Terry Deary's misguided speech on libraries, one by Amanda that punctuates his mind-boggling statements with Scarlett O'Hare gifs, and one from Rita about how we can help our libraries (Via BookRiot).



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