Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Links

*I love reading letters and telegrams from the celebrities of old, so here is a letter from F. Scott Fitzgerald where he responds to hate mail. If only everyone responded to hate mail so scathingly yet eloquently! (Via Brain Pickings)

*New (to me) Tumblr alert! On The Bro'd is Jack Kerouac's seminal novel 'bro'd' up! (Via On The Bro'd)

*Also, while you're in the new-blogs-to-follow frame of mind, here's Joe Hill (author extraordinarie and son of the King himself) blog. Read it, bookmark it, return everyday. (Via Joe Hill)

*These are some of the greatest newspaper corrections you'll ever see. Seriously. (Via The Vine)

*Caleb Crain questions whether the critic is free (The Paris Review)

*Peter Stothard (head judge of the Booker Prize) is not a fan of book bloggers. Apparently we aren't do the future of literature any favours. But John Self took it upon himself to argue in favour of bloggers, and address many of Stothard's concerns. What do you think?  (Via The Guardian - Against - For)

*Character names can make or break a book. Or at least they can for me. Here's an interesting article about literary names, how they impact the writing process and their significance. (Via OUP Blog)


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