Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Links

*Planning a holiday? Why not head to visit the home of a famous (deceased) author! (via NBC News)

*Ever been confused by when to use a semicolon? The delightful Oatmeal webcomic has come up with this handy guide. The best thing? It has dinosaurs! (Via The Outmeal)

*The favourite punctuation marks of writers. (Via The Atlantic Wire)

*Love him or hate him, you've got to respect Salman Rushdie for writing a thank you to independant booksellers (Via Publishers Weekly)

*A thought-provoking and kinda depressing article about women in film and why they aren't 'essential characters'. (Via Daily Life)

*"I know who I am because of the books I've read" A note from writer/editor/columnist Emily Keeler on reading. (Via Toronto Standard)

*Writer Jonah Lehrer has recently been caught for plagiarism in his books and articles, but why did he do it? (Via LA Mag)

*Let's judge books by their covers!! Here are 50 (mostly) awesome book covers. (Via Casual Optomist)


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