Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Holiday Photo Diary: Hong Kong Disneyland

Like most kids I grew up with Disney movies, and like most kids I desperately wanted to go to DisneyLand. Unfortunately no such place exists in Australia, but luckily for adult me they've popped up in a few near-ish locations that also happen to be holiday destinations of mine! This was my sister's first time at Disneyland and she was as giddy with excitement as I had been on my first trip (I went to the one in Japan two years ago) . There really is some truth to the "happiest place on Earth" moniker, and while you can bleat about consumerism/money-making ploys all you like, it's incredibly hard to be cynical in a place as amazing as this.

So things to note,

*The attention to detail is phenomenal. Nothing is not thought of to the Nth degree, everything fits into the area's theme, from the lights to the bins to the staff's costumes...they're perfect.

*If I could go back in time (and change my brain chemistry) I'd become an engineer and find a way to become the chick who designs and creates the rides for places like this. Seriously, how good would that be?!

*Space Mountain rocks. It was down for construction when I was in Japan, so I was doubly-psyched to see it open in Hong Kong. The photo snapped of Sian and I our second time (we decided to do the vulcan salute/hand thing) was hilarious, but stingy me couldn't be hassled with the cost of the picture.

*Can anything really beat a carousel?

*Halloween is clearly the best time to visit Disneyland. So many pumpkins, Nightmare Before Christmas things, and a marching band dancing to thriller!

Sisters on the carousel. 

Hanging out at the Halloween Graveyard centrepiece.
A Lion King acrobat at the parade.
Enjoying the carousel.
Spinning in the teacups.
One of the elaborate floats.
The carousel lit up and in action.
The teacups.
The best toilets ever. See what I mean about details? 
The graveyard at night...super cool.

Jack Skellington, leading the parade.
So many pretty lights, especially down Main Street.

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  1. I have never been to disneyland! And there's one like... 3 hours away? (Paris) It's pretty lame, but I feel like I'm too old to go now for the first time. But your sister just did, so... Maybe I'm NOT too old! *ponders on this*



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