Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Links

*BWF is over for another year (sad!!) but here's an interview with the departing festival director to keep in alive a little longer! (Via Bookseller and publisher)

*Morbid Monday tidbit, here are 9 gravestones belonging to famous authors (via Book Riot)

*An interesting piece about the 50 Shades series, subtitled "How E.L. James created an unlikely cottage industry in sanitised S/M" (Via book forum)

*A court case ruling regarding e-book pricing. (Via Media Decoder - NYT)

*Edinburgh International Writers Festival in pictures (Via The Guardian)

*A 50 Shades infograph - yikes, 2 mentions in one post! In any case, it's pretty interesting! (Via Media Bistro)


  1. Great posts... I looked through all of them!!! The tombstones were my favorite!!!

  2. Surprisingly (cause I always seem to be visiting graves, for some reason) I've only seen Shakespeare's grave of all the ones on Book Riot. Hmmm... for some reason I feel competitive about this and like I need to see them all. This can't be a good urge.

  3. Yeah that's a worrying urge you have there Laura! BUT it's pretty cool that you've visited the graves of awesome people, when I venture overseas i'm pretty sure i'll be making stops at some of these spots. So we can be weird and morbid together!

    M.A.L, glad you liked them! Procrastinating on a Monday morning?



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