Thursday, September 20, 2012

Movie Trailer: The Hobbit

I am less than impressed with The Hobbit being split into three separate films (seriously, with WHAT material??) but I am still terribly excited to see Bilbo's adventure up on the big screen. Martin Freeman makes an ideal Bilbo (secretly I think perhaps he's actually a hobbit in real life) and any film that lets me watch Ian McKellan act as a wizard deserves my money. Plus, you know, Lord of the Rings was kinda amazing and if anyone could do the book justice it'd be Peter Jackson. So yay for the full trailer!

Has anyone not watched Extras? If you haven't you've missed a stellar episode with Ian McKellan where he discusses his acting process with Ricky Gervais. Watch it, and leave your thank yous in the comments section!


  1. Thank you :D

    The Hobbit looks great - I've never read the book but I can't understand why they've turned it into three movies. Wait, I can - they want more money. Lame.

  2. Yeah it's the same as the whole 'let's split the final book into 2 films' thing that HP sparked off. I mean, in HP's case there was a lot in that book and it might not have worked as a single movie but Mockingjay? Breaking Dawn? Yeeesh.

    1. Ugh, especially Breaking Dawn - nothing happens in that book at all.

    2. Yeah, I mean how did they make an entire movie out of a wedding, a honeymoon and a fast-forwarded pregnancy? That could have easily been half an hour tops!

      I would actually be ok with the split films if they were closer together. 6 months tops, any longer and it's just mean.



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