Monday, September 17, 2012

Mini-graphic novel reviews #9

Y: The Last Man (issue #1)
Written by: Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, illustrated by: José Marzán Jr.

Published: 2003

My Thoughts: I've heard very good things about this series, and when I saw the first issue was free to download on Comixology I couldn't resist! I'm only one issue in, but I can already see that this series is going to take over my life! It's extremely well-written and constructed, the art is clean and exciting, and the story is interesting, enticing and different. A plague (or something) has eliminated all men world-wide except Yorrick, an unemployed escape artist. This issue looks at the 29 minutes leading up to the mass-extinction of males, it travels to Jordan, the Gaza Strip, Australia, New York, Washington and looks at politicians, backpackers, Government agents, doctors...all are connected, I assume, but it's hard to say how right now. Can't wait to read more!

The New Deadwardians (issue #1)
Written by: Dan Abnett, illustrated by: I.N.J Culbard

Published: 2012

My Thoughts: A new take on the zombie and vampire genres which looks promising. To protect themselves against the zombie (Restless) swarms, the upper class English folk are turned into vampires (The Young) - now unable to die. In this first issue the lone homicide detective, Inspector Suttle starts his day with a Restless attack in his home (his poor maid - "the restless 'ad 'er") and a call to the murder of a vampire-something which had been thought impossible. A more compatible and well-thought attempt at Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (or perhaps Downton Abbey and Zombies) than I've seen before, it definitely looks promising. The art is a little sloppy, but for the most part the style suits the style of story well and I'm excited to see where this goes.

Planetary (issues #1 & 2)
Written by: Warren Ellis, illustrated by: John Cassaday

Published: 2001

My thoughts: Warren Ellis isn't only one of my favourite comic authors, he's one of my favourite authors fullstop. So when I came across this series I was pretty excited (Transmetropolitan is the greatest series ever written EVER, and Freak Angels comes a close second) to get some new (to me) Ellis action. The series is about three "super powered mystery archeologists" who investigate some of the weird and crazy things going on across the world. Jakita is the badass leader, Snow is cool (get it, get it?!) and Drummer is a techno-wizz who may well be clinically insane. It's interesting, funny and I'm told the overarching series story is pretty fantastic - so I'm looking forward to getting into a few more issues. It's not my favourite Warren Ellis series (yet) but it's got my attention.


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