Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Links

50s/Rockabilly Batman is the best thing ever.

*Using zombies to teach geography? Uh, yes please!  (Via Kickstarter)

*Some more amazing book sculptures. These are truly spectacular. (Via My Modern Met)

*Ever wondered what authors think about fan fiction? Well here's a pretty comprehensive list that makes it pretty clear which authors are pro and which are VERY, VERY con (Via Fanlore)

*A great new blog I came across on Twitter. All Kinds of Writing is a great resource for any writers out there, as well as a really interesting read for readers and writers alike. (Via All Kinds of Writing)

*John Birmingham (an awesome-sauce author here in Brisbane) wrote a blog article about e-book piracy and competing against Amazon. (Via Brisbane Times)


  1. 50s Batman, whaaaat? So awesome!

  2. I know right! I wish someone would draw a full comic that had Batman looking like that!



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