Thursday, June 21, 2012

Film Trailer: Anna Karenina

What do you guys think? I still haven't read Anna Karenina (I really want to, but the length terrifies me!) so I don't know how close an adaption this looks, but it certainly looks like a beautiful production. I'm not sold on Keira Knightly. I've definitely warmed to her over the years, but I don't think she has the emotional range to keep playing these historic/literary characters. Also, can we maybe hire a few Russians in the movie based on a famous Russian novel, I mean, seriously guys. But anyway, it looks good enough to catch my attention, fingers crossed they don't destroy it!


  1. Well, it sure looks like they've stripped that book of any depth! Seriously, I LOVE Anna Karenina, so I hope that movie's not as bad as it looks (It involves Keira Knightley, so I'm sure it is...) ARGH. Also, they've waaaay subplotted a plot that's the best part of the book (all the Anna Karenina stuff is sliightly annoying sometimes, but the *other* plot which is basically equally as important is AWESOME) so yeah. Not impressed really!

    In other advice, READ THE BOOK! It is long but it's sooooo worth it :)

  2. Well that sucks! I need to read the book, but with the slow rate I'm currently going through books it would be 2013 before I even get close to finishing it!



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