Friday, February 17, 2012

Fanart Friday: The Hunger Games

Now that I've read the Hunger Games series (first review out tomorrow), I can finally dedicate a fanart post to it. Like Harry Potter, this series seems to capture people's creative attention and has led to hundreds of pictures of the characters, the relationships, the settings and the Mockingjay symbol. Here are just a handful of pictures which illustrate the best-selling series that will be hitting our screens shortly. As always, please click through the links and see more of the fantastic art created by these guys.

A Different Kind of Hunger by kara-lija

Hunger Games - The Reaping by Haley (mseregon)
The Hunger Games by Tiffany 

Hunger Games by GermanyKai
Rue by Pattie Dineros

The Hunger Games by Pattie Dineros


  1. Hunger Games!!!!!! Did you enjoy? I enjoyed so much that I bought the books for 2 people this Christmas :)

  2. I did Laura, I did! I read all three over a long weekend!



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