Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Links

Upside Down, Left To Right: A Letterpress Film from Danny Cooke on Vimeo.

*The most wonderful looking restaurant in Tokyo is Alice in Wonderland themed. Worth flying back just to check it out? I think so! (via HypeBeast)

*The 10 novels most famously connected to well-known murderers/terrorists/psychopaths AKA The Most Dangerous Novels of All Time. (interestingly I actually own more than half of these...) (via Flavorwire)

*A letter by John Steinbeck on the wonderful subject of falling in love/waiting for love. (via The Atlantic)

*The Lisa Simpson Book Club. What more could you want from a tumblr blog? (via Tumblr)

*The 5 books literary lovers are most likely to get inked over. (via Publishers Weekly)

*Carl Zimmer rebuffs Johnathan Franzen's pretentious rant against ebooks. (via Discover Magazine)


  1. This might be your best Monday links EVER! I own 6 of the most dangerous books ever (eek!), and Steinbeck and literary tattoos= Yes. And, MOST excitingly, the Alice in Wonderland restaurant! I want to go there so so so badly, and I'm preeety jealous that you've been to Tokyo! Oh yeah, AND the Lisa Simpson Book Club Tumblr. Love. It.

    I got a bit too excited there didn't I? :)

  2. Excited is OK, in fact it's the preferred reaction!

    I'm struggling not to book Japan as my next holiday, even though there are still so many places on my list of "need to visit". This restaurant is making it that much harder!



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