Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Posts

*This week's video is an amazing stop motion film that animates some of the most iconic and unforgettable literary first lines.

*The ever amazing Lemony Snicket has written up 13 observations he made while watching the Occupy Wall Street protests.

*While there why not check out the entire site The sheer number of writers who've added their name on the front page is quite inspiring.

*Yesterday was the Brisbane Zombie walk, which raises money to support the Brain Foundation of Australia (of course!) and involves hundreds of people dressed up to their zombie 9's. Check out some pictures, some of the costumes are unbelievable!

*For all you Americans who enjoy Neil Gaiman, this link is for you! A fan is auctioning off a series of tickets to the Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Benefit gigs, which include a meet and greet with the fantabulous couple. There are four tickets up for grabs in different locations and all the proceeds go to charity. If you're interested, go here for the full details.

*This isn't a link, but it's something that popped up as I was searching the interwebs for this week's links and I feel I need to state how fucked up I think it is. I'm talking about the video circulating of Muammar Gaddafi dying. Granted, he was a horrible human being, but how sick do you have to be to watch the video of anyone as they die, especially by such violent means? I haven't watched the video and I don't plan on ever watching it, or seeing stills from it, the man is dead do we really need to bask in the imagery of it?


  1. If I haven't said it already welcome back. I am 100% with you on that last one. He was responsible for a lot of deaths but surely we are better than that? (you would think anyway).

  2. Social media seems to have removed all constraints on what goes to press, a disturbing trend. I think I have seen bits of the video on the news, certainly with no intention of watching. It is disturbing that so many are reveling in the death of another, horrible as he may have been.

  3. That Zombie Walk sounds really cool. What a great way to raise money.

  4. Thanks Karen. it's good to be back! I flew home to Cairns yesterday and it was so nice to just sit back and read my book the whole way without stressing about my thesis!!

    @Arabella, I completely agree. It's really disappointed me to hear that news sites that I respect have shown the video. Rather than enjoy the manner of the death so much, couldn't they have focused on the thousands of people dancing in the streets?

    @kathy, it really is! It's amazing how much effort and time some people must put into their costumes.



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