Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Links

Only two weeks until I can start reading again and write some proper posts for you guys! I've missed reading and posting so much over the last month or so and I can't wait until I can launch into some of the books I received as birthday presents (a whopping 8!) and that have finally entered our collection from their old home at Tom's old house. With that in mind let's get back to the post at hand, Monday links!!

*A Literary themed wedding! I'm a little love/wedding obsessed and anytime I see something like this I tuck it away into the wedding compartment of my brain to keep in mind when I finally have to plan a wedding.

*The Forgotten Pleasure of Reading. A blog post by a busy working parent who rediscovers the magic of reading while sick at home.

*I was sent to this Bloggess post via Neil Gaiman's Twitter and it gave me a good giggle. When PR pitches go terribly, terribly wrong!

*Regardless of your particular thoughts on Apple or Steve Jobs no one can deny that his death last Thursday was anything less than globally devastating. Uproxx collated a few of the prevalent tweets, art works and other tributes that sprouted across the internet last Thursday.

*Yay! Gabe of Gabriel Reads is back to semi-blogging! It's been a loooong month or so without his fantastic reviews but the wait is now over!

*Flavorwire have posted a list of 10 best-selling novels that were originally rejected by publishers.  I'm really glad some of these authors persevered and ignored the publishers because otherwise we'd be missing out on some truly incredible books.

*A rather useless but unbelievably cute literary link for you all. A series of pictures of some of the world's greatest authors as babies and little kids. Makes you go awww. (James Joyce is pimpin'!)


  1. I wouldn't want to be the person that rejected one of those books.

  2. I know, how much would you kick yourself if you'd turned them down. Even worse, if you were one of those publishers which outright criticised the book as doomed to fail!

  3. Great links. I especially liked the literary wedding and the baby photo's. Yay, to Gabriel being back.

  4. Yay to you and Gabriel returning to blogging! Fun stuff to look forward to this autumn/winter (or, you know, spring and summer for you. Hehe) YAY basically! :)

  5. I'm such a sucker for babies and weddings Karen so those links absolutely rocked my socks!

    @Laura, Yay!! I can't wait to come back full time, my fingers are itching to type up some reviews and posts and what not.



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