Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Favourite Covers: Lord of the Rings

I mentioned in my post yesterday my love for retro book covers so I thought over the next few weeks I'd share some of my favourites. To start with I thought I'd share my wonderful 1974 Unwin editions of Lord of the Rings. I had been searching for a copy of these books because I wanted to reread them but all of the ones in store were either the movie editions or the ones with the plain black covers, plus having to buy all three of them new was going to weaken my wallet substantially. I came across the Two Towers copy when I was at Bookfest, the annual (sometime Bi-annual) Brisbane second hand book fair, and fell absolutely in love. The cover art and font is synonymous with the seventies and the pattern across the bottom of each book just grabbed me. Two hours later I had somehow managed to find a copy of all three LOTR books in this edition and snapped them up (a whopping $6 for all three) and they've been sitting proudly on my bookcase ever since!

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  1. I love LOTR art. The reason I bought the edition I have is because of the art and I had never even read the books. I would like to get the leatherback anniversary edition that holds the entire trilogy. I also have some calendars with various scenes of the trilogy as well as the Simarillion.



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