Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DIY Cupboard Makeover

A couple of months ago I found the sweetest cupboard out on the street for the annual hard rubbish collection (once a year the council sends around trucks to collect any "trash" you have that doesn't fit into your regular bins, usually it's big furniture that you'd normally have trouble taking to the tip) but it was in need of a little TLC. Tom whinged and whined as I had him help me carry it back two blocks, but I knew that beneath the dust and ugly paint colours a beautiful display cupboard was just waiting to take a place in our home.
My mum and little brother came down to stay with Tom and I over the Easter long weekend and my crafty DIY mad mum helped me out in transforming my cupboard from what you see above to what you see below. A bit of a scrub and a lick of fresh paint and now I have a wonderful cupboard to display my teapots and cocktail glasses and store all of my Christmas decorations and tools!

A few of my teapots now proudly on display


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