Sunday, September 5, 2010


 I've just finished five days working at the Brisbane Writer's Festival on top of creating a graphic novel for my pop fiction class, and i'm truly not exaggerating when I say this is the most exhausted i've ever been in my life.

6am- wake up (went to bed at 2am the previous night)
8am-3pm- Usher at Writer's fest, herding children up and down venue areas and missing out on a bite to eat all day.
3pm-4pm- train ride home, read Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang
4pm-2am- illustrate, illustrate, illustrate
2am- SLEEP!

 6am- wake up
7.30am-7.30pm - Worked up in the Writer's Green Room, terrified to approach the authors of my childhood and presenthood, but basking in the amazing awesomeness when I finally did. Made 4000 pots of coffee and 16000 sandwiches, washed 200000 cups, saucers, cutlery and food platters and walked around the main table at least 300 times.
7.30pm- take a taxi home.
8pm-5.45am -illustrate, colour, organise graphic novel

8.30am- wake up
8.30am-10.30am- add finishing touches to assignment and print out assignment sheets and rationale
10.30am- head to uni to hand in the work that has caused me so much drama
11.30am- Head to Southbank to start my Writer's fest shift
12.30pm-7.30pm- worked in the Green Room again, stared in awe once again, ran up and down flights of stairs, missed out on lunch again. Washed more dishes (never, ever again shall I hold both a sponge and a plate/cup/cutlery item in my hands again)
7.30-8.30- Dinner with my boyfriend, spontaneous decision to go see Piranha 3D
9.10pm- Pirahna starts- HILARIOUS! I highly recomend, but the 3D is disgustingly bad, the opening credits made my everything ache
11pm- Pirahna finishes, drive home. Come to the realisation that I have to be up at 6am again and that I should have been to be at 8pm to try and catch up on my sleep
11.30pm- Sleep, glorious sleep.

6am-wake up
7.30am-8pm - Worked again in the Green Room, met Tim Ferguson, Robert Forster, Ahn Do, and a gazillion other aesome-o people.
8pm-9.30pm- Manage to catch a session, Tim Ferguson interviewed Richard Fidler, Benjamin Law, Ahn Do and Susan Maushart
9.30pm-9.45pm- struggle through the crowd of drunken 14 year olds breakdancing in the streets of South Bank,
9.45pm-10.20pm- suck down a tasty cocktail to forget the gruesome sights I met along the way to the bar
10.20pm-11.35pm- wait for the bus, bus station is packed, head to the next bus stop, even busier, call a cab, wait for ages, doesn't show, call them back, they're sending another taxi but again it doesn't show. We try the bus again, STILL packed, head to a different taxi rank, pay $2 to hail a cab, again doesn't show up. Manage to hail a cab on the street (yay) but the driver is completely psychotic (gahhh), luckily manage to arrive home without any significant damage.
12am- Fall into bed cursing Riverfire and their stupid celebrations for delaying an early bed time.

6am- wake up (oh god no)
7.30am-6pm- worked in the green room again, so sad to be finishing up, but huzzah for sleep soon!
6pm-now- catching up on blogs, emails and facebook stuff.
next- Have to write an article for the new Brisbane online magazine Charlie, I really, really hope it doesn't keep me up all night, since I have to work tomorrow and don't get a chance to sleep in!

Phew! I love my sleep and I am so, so tired without a solid 8 hours. My sleep in on Tuesday is going to be Ah-May-Zing, it may truly become the best day of my life. On the plus side, my time at the BWF was fantastic, I met so many interesting and incredible authors, artists and creative types, not to mention the kooky volunteers that filled the staff. Loved it!


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