Saturday, September 25, 2010

I heart Harry Potter

When I was 11 I fell madly in love with the Harry Potter series, and soon after Harry Potter fever began to descend on the world. Young and naive as I was I truly believed I had discovered this fantastic series with a couple of my friends and the popularity was due to the three of us telling everyone that They Had To Read This Series RIGHT NOW! Just before the new book came out I'd re-read the books already released and would hyperventilate while I waited in line at the bookstore to claim my copy. My family would buy one copy that would have to be passed between myself and my two sisters and my mum, as the first and most obsessed I would always claim dibs, but for several months after its release that copy would grow older and more tattered as we each read and re-read it.
When I finished the seventh book I was so depressed and not just because of that horrible 21 years later final chapter. I had grown up with that series, just as I had grown more complex and angsty so had my beloved magical world and all its inhabitants. I had cried over their losses, laughed and cried out when they were victorious, obsessively flipped over the pages at 4am because I Just Could Not Put It Down. There was a void in my life after the series concluded and I'm still as yet to find something to fill it.
I've never been the film series number one supporter, I they've done more wrong than they've done right, but my adoration for the novels has meant that regardless of that I rush to the cinema as soon as the movie comes out and sit there gazing up at the screen, falling back into the magical world I love so much.
After watching the trailers that have been released for part one of HP and the Deathly Hollows I think that this may be the one to succeed where the others have failed me. I was on the edge of my seat, or I would of if I wasn't sitting on my bed, hands to face the whole 2 minutes and 27 seconds. It is dark and moody, action packed and it doesn't seem like there are any major additions to the plot (like the burning down of the Weasley home in the last film- what the heck was with that?), so my fingers and toes are crossed extra tightly, hoping against hope!
I wasn't sure I wanted this book to be split into two films but now that it looks like they've done it right I'm glad they did. It extends the series just the little bit longer for me, it keeps that love that was ignited with the book burning just a tad longer. And who knows, perhaps they'll make a graphic novel edition next, or maybe a TV show, extend the series out for me just a little longer--either way I'll be happy because I love nothing more than Harry Potter, and never will.


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