Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Movie Trailer: Gone Girl (2014)

The full trailer for David Fincher's Gone Girl has been released and it actually looks pretty decent. I have grown to dislike the book more as time goes on* but in all honesty it was an interesting play on the traditional whodunnit and it looks like it's translated really well to film. It's very Fincher-esque (i.e. darkly lit/greenish like it's been filmed underwater) and there are some hints of Zodiac, which is a very good thing. Now that the trailer has delivered a sharp looking trailer I'm leaning more towards seeing this in the cinema. Anyone have any ideas what the new third act is likely to be? Surely they wouldn't change the ultimate outcome of the novel right?

In related news, I saw that Sharp Objects is being adapted for TV. Maybe I should just wait for all of Flynn's books to be made into tv shows/films since they seem to be really well suited for that medium.

*mostly because it basically felt like a story written around the idea for a twist and the god-awful 'writing' the supposed writer (Amy) filled her diary with.


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