Monday, July 7, 2014

How To Build A Girl Readalong

Is it that wonderful time of year again? 

That time when we get together to read a wonderful book and laugh and snark and raise weird questions that prove we focus on all the wrong things? 

So first things first, big enthusiastic thanks to Emily for not only giving us an excuse to read and share GIFs but for getting us all super-exclusive copies of Caitlin Moran's new book. You've done good Emily *pats head fondly* Second things second, thank you to Harper Collins for enabling Emily to be our wonderful and benevolent leader in this readalong. If you follow along and wish to read the book for yourself, you can pre-order it here from Emily's store.

Third things third, I missed you guys! Not that I don't speak to all of you on the reg, but this is some extra special blogger bonding time.

On the off chance some of you are new to our readalongs (oh don't you have some excitement and confusion coming your way!), hi. My name is Kayleigh and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I read books, watch too many movies and TV shows and get a itty-bitty over enthusiastic when we do big group blog things. *waves*

This isn't my first Caitlin Moran book but I am still kinda new to her. I had known of her and read quotes by her here and there (mostly on Laura's blog actually) but it wasn't until late last year that I finally got around to reading Moranthology. Wait, scratch that. This year? *runs off to blog archive* Yes, this year. I fell in love instantly with Moran's wit, outrageous personality and refusal to be anything other than brutally honest in her writing. And even though her writing is incredibly personal, it it also very well reasoned. She might be everything the extreme right hate in a person (woman, feminist, creative, big hair) but they'd have a pretty lousy time picking apart her arguments. I'd been holding out on listening to How to Be A Woman but ended up listening to it last week in a desperate attempt to not read this book in its entirety in a single day. It's read by Caitlin herself, and holy shit, even if it wasn't a good book (which it is) it would be worth listening to for her alone.

What else do I need to say in a welcome post? I'm really looking forward to seeing how Caitlin goes writing fiction. I have started, but I'm barely a handful of pages in so it's hard to say. It does seem like it's pretty close to her own experience growing up so far, which isn't a bad thing (write what you know, and what not) but it'll be interesting to see if it broadens out to something quite different or stay pretty close to her life. It'll also be interesting to see if our proximity to England impacts our overall appreciation. Laura mentioned parts of it being pretty English, so maybe we will find it hard to relate to and enjoy in the same way Laura and any other English readalongers do. But who knows, I guess we'll have to wait and see. One thing I do know is that I'm going to find spreading the book out over the month damn hard.


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