Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Links

*A Big thanks to Belle for sharing the new trailer for the Flowers in the Attic film. It looks brilliantly over the top and ridiculous. So everything is as it should be. (Via Youtube)

*A month or so ago Tom and I fell head over in heels in love with a new Anime, Attack on Titan. I had planned to write up a "10 reasons why you should watch..." post for it, but then I found this one which was way better than what I would have done. (Via Bees and Geometry)

*The new cast members of season 4 of Game of Thrones have been announced, although who some of them are playing is still unknown (Via Uproxx)

*This is a brilliant DIY for making a projector out of your smartphone. I am definitely going to give this a try! (Via The Thousands)

*Here's a little run down of 5 geeky lovers in modern literature. You better believe Eleanor and Park are on this list *fist pumps* (Via Buzzfeed)

*Everyone saw the gorgeous little roll-y kitten who barks like a dog right? No, well fix that already! SO CUTE (Youtube)

*Nick Reboot is a website that streams nothing but 90s/00s Nick cartoons. Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, all that cartoonish gold. (Via Nick Reboot)

*You can get Jane Austen temporary tattoos. Do with that information what you want (as long as what you do is buy them) (Via Jezebel)


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