Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Treats! (And Not a Trick in Sight)

One of the worst things about living in Australia is how looooong everything takes to get here. I am not the most patient person, so watching everyone else's ninja gifts arrive was almost painful. But on the flip side it means that I am so damn excited by the time it arrives that I basically bounce of the walls. And that's pretty fun.

So when I went under the house to get the bin out for rubbish collection, I squealed out aloud when I saw a parcel balancing on top of the recycling bin. And to be honest, I'm not even sure how long it had been there. I'm 90% sure I was under the house yesterday and would have seen it if it was there, but I was home all day today and I never heard the postman. It's a mystery, it is.

So, my wonderful ninja gifter was Ellie and she is AMAZING.

Sorry about the pic, my camera at dusk is not so great.

Look at all the presenty goodness, and check out the wrapping paper. Appropriate or what! My natural instinct with gifts are to tear them open (I'm still 5 years old, I swear to god) but I was extra careful to unwrap these ones because I wanted to keep that paper. I don't know what I'll do with it - maybe use it for my next ninja swap - but it was too pretty and bookish to tear up.

And this was what was inside the wrapping. A gorgeous card (that actually features Ellie's shop!), Lamb by Christopher Moore, Joyland by Stephen King, two Halloween (and everyday) appropriate bracelets from Ellie's holiday in Fuerteventura and an "in my humble opinion" journal, which allows me to write at length about all of the annoyances I see every day, punctuated with wonderfully grumpy quotes from authors and famous folk!

This marks two Chistopher Moore books in as many Ninja swaps and I still haven't read one BUT I'm definitely moving them up to the top of my TBR. The question now, however, is whether to read Lamb or A Dirty Job first. And Joyland is a welcome addition to my ever-growing King collection, I've heard some really great things about this one, and I do love that cover so.

A huge, big, ENORMOUS thank you to Ellie for being so wonderful and gifting such great gifts. And for writing a hilarious card! I did read the card first and Ellie's cryptic descriptions of each gift were hilarious. And the "Present the First" DID sound pervy, ahaha!

Also, I received another gift the day before from a blogger. Kayleigh (other Kayleigh, I'm not in the habit of sending myself gifts and then bragging about them) sent me a box of Candy Corn.

I can't remember what post it came up in, but Kayleigh promised to send me some and she certainly delivered. I don't know how I lived without this in my life before, I'll definitely have to find an Australian supplier for next year because it's AMAZING! It's probably lucky I can get it too easily, because I would definitely eat way too much if all I had to do was stroll to the shops to get some. I guess this is why you Americans/Canadadians limit it to Halloween - too much yum can be a dangerous thing.

So this post is basically proof that bloggers are amazing people, and you all keep me so well read and on top of international candy options. THANK YOU x10000 Ellie and Kayleigh!


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