Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Link

*Peter Norman is one of the greatest Australians to ever live. He's the Australian in the above photo, and after taking a stand for racial equality he became something of a pariah back in in 1960s Australia. Because he refused to denounce John Carlos and Tommie Smith (pictured above), Peter wasn't allowed to return to the Munich Olympics, and struggled to find work for the rest of his life. The Government has finally decided to officially apologise to the late Peter Norman, and recognise what most of us have always known...Peter Norman is a magnificent human being and a wonderful role model.  (via The Nation)

*Book sculptures often blow my mind, but these ones from Artful Living are divine...and for sale! I sure as hell can't afford them, but I like to visit the store to see the amazing bookish art being created! (Via Artful Living)

*In the lead up to September's Brisbane Writers Festival, a twitter story event (Many Writers, One Story) was created for some amazing writers to take part in. Here's the final product. (Via Brisbane Writers Festival)

*Harlequin Australia has just launched an open manuscipt portal to try and find some fresh Australian voices. So Aussie writers/aspiring writers go take a look! (Via Harlequin Escape)

*Here's a (kinda long) interview with Ian McEwan about his new book, life in the 70s and a whole bunch of other stuff (Via The Guardian)

*If you're in the UK I'm sure you've heard of the Tony Nicklinson euthanasia case. Tony suffered a stroke in 2005 and now suffers from locked-in syndrome. He's now petitioning for his right to die with dignity. When I lived in Hong Kong Tony's daughter Lauren and I were inseparable, and I was devastated to hear that they were having to go through any of this. Please sign the petition and show your support for a loving father and amazing man, who only wants to have the same rights as you or I.  (Via Change)


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