Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday Links

*John Birmingham is a fantastic author based in my current home, Brisbane. This is his blog. Read it. (Via Cheeseburger Gothic).

*A woman started a kickstarter project so that she could create a documentary about misogeny/sexism in video games. This guy basically did her job for her by creating a game where people punch her because he "wanted to get her attention". Disgusting, shocking and something everyone should read. (Via So Disarming Darling)

*How to write a best seller, by Red Shirts author John Scalzi (Via Whatever - John Scalzi's blog)

*I'm trying to decide on ONE T-shirt to buy from Out of Print Clothing. I've never bought anything from them because I simply can't choose, but I love visiting the site to see what new books have been made into shirts and read their fantastic blog. Check it out why don't you?! (Via Out of Print Clothing)

*Some fantastic stories about the celebrity guest-stars on The Simpsons (Via Warming Glow)


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