Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Links

Via Letters of Note
*Some wonderful wisdom from some wonderful TV characters. (Via Shortlist)

*15 authors on why they write. Neil Gaiman and Truman Capote and Anne Rice are probably my favourites, actually scratch that, they're all marvellous. (Via Flavorwire)

*TOME is a proposed art book currently up on Kickstarter. They don't need your money (they blew their target out of the water) but there are some amazing 'gifts' for supporting that you'd be crazy not to take advantage of. Or, you know, just watch that inspiring advertising/marketing video they made (Via Kickstarter)


  1. Nawwwwww, Stephen King! It's so awesome the letters that have been saved :)

  2. Can you imagine meeting lil' Stephen King...!!



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