Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Down with 3D

Everyone seems to be falling over themselves to get to the front of the line of the latest 3D movie, but every movie I reluctantly agree to see in 3D leaves me feeling disappointed, ripped off and a little nauseas. I have not had any memorable experiences watching 3D movies, they almost all seem to be sub-calibre films (a-hem Clash of the Titans) using the latest technology fad to try and turn profit. More often than not I can't even tell the movie is in 3D, or I’m faced with sloppy post-production editing to morph the original 2D movie into 3D (a-hem Clash of the Titans) - the only movie in the past year and a half that I’ve enjoyed in 3D has been Toy Story 3, and even then I thought 3D was an unnecessary addition.

I'll admit the 3D in Avatar was good, great even, and for a moment I was even one of those people exclaiming that this was the way of the future of cinema. But when I sat down and thought about it I realised t that 3D was a redeeming quality in an otherwise poor movie. A serious problem seems to be that people seem to think that the addition of pretty colours and 3D is enough to forgive a movie for having a boring, poorly developed script and a seriously flawed cast. If James Cameron had spent just a fraction of that 10 years development time on developing his story rather than simply waiting for the technology to catch up with his vision he may have had a truly memorable movie on his hands.

I also seem to be one of those poor souls inflicted with illness every time I put on those horribly shaped 3D glasses. For the first twenty minutes I can be guaranteed to feel shaky, nauseous and a little dizzy, after that I tend to clear up except for the constant mild nausea bubbling under the surface. If I happen to be seated anywhere other than dead centre I can be guaranteed a horrible experience for the duration of the whole movie. When I saw Alice in Wonderland I was stuck sitting towards the side and to the front of the cinema. In order to look at a normal 2D film from this seat I have to contort myself into a pretzel but for 3D I also have to constantly wriggle and shuffle to view the screen as front on as possible while tilting my head upwards to stop the glasses falling down the bridge of my nose and curving my spine to try and balance out the crick developing in my neck. Add on top of this nausea and dizziness and you have a romping good movie going experience!

I'm a big fan of films, and nothing beats a good movie on the big screen, but I’m not convinced that 3D is the way of the future...not yet at least. Until I can be convinced that the movies coming out in 3D have more going for them other than just being in 3D and that they can be watched from the side of the cinema without gagging into my popcorn bucket I am standing firm and saying 3D movies sucks!!


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