Thursday, March 3, 2016

Holiday Photo Diary: New Mexico and the Grand Canyon

Guys! I had the most wonderful time travelling around the South West! So for anyone not in on the whole backstory, I had a conference to attend in Albuquerque and I decided to make a trip of it and bring Tom along. We rented a car in Texas and hit the road and traveled across to New Mexico and hit Santa Fe, Bandelier National Monument (Los Alamos), Albuquerque, Roswell, White Sands National Monument, Las Cruces before driving into Arizona and up to the Grand Canyon South Rim. And after that it was a drive through the desert to California and back on a plane to Australia. So obviously LOTS happened. The best thing though was how different it was from our previous US trip. Not only were we in a different section of the States, but we were travelling differently and aiming to see a different side. Outside of San Francisco (which was only a pit stop before the airport) we didn't really see any big cities this time, but we did get a chance to see so much more of the stellar US outdoors. And even though we did see a teeny bit of snow up around Santa Fe and in southern Arizona, this time we were seeing a totally different type of American winter. Loved it. Absolutely loved it all. Since I'm cramming everything into a single post I'm going to leave my description short and let the photos do the talking. But I will happily deconstruct the holiday in the comments section and give countless recommendations or chat about the best parts of my holiday (oh, perhaps Tom proposing? :P).

Santa Fe:

Took a brief stop on route 66 on our way to Santa Fe

Our stunning home away from home

Bandelier National Monument:

Spot the Tom!

I fell in love with the colours and textures up around Bandelier



White Sands:

Grand Canyon:



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