Thursday, October 2, 2014

Graphic Novel mini-reviews #24

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe 

Written by: Cullen Bunn; Illustrated by:  Dalibor Talajić

Published: 2011

My Thoughts: If you are after a solid read then Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe probably isn't for you. It's a very silly, very light comic that basically takes the question "what if Deadpool snapped and killed everyone?" and runs with it. There are a few interesting glimpses where Deadpool reasons that his wall-breaking and realisation that he is a fictional hero is why he needs to kill everyone because he's the only one who accepts and understands the hopelessness of their existence, which lead me to think that if they were really keen they could have made a very heady and meta comic. But that wasn't really the aim here. It's violent and bloody and punny and Cullen certainly isn't pretending that it is anything more substantial than that. So if you want to witness Deadpool decimate every popular superhero and villain in the Marvel universe then this will fill an afternoon for you, but if you're after a more compelling look at the Deadpool character and his wall-breaking antics you'd be best to look elsewhere.

Guardians of the Galaxy: War of Kings (Volume 2)

Written by: Dan Abnett; Illustrated by: Paul Pelletier

Published: 2009

My Thoughts: GotG continues to be one of my favourite runs of a team-based comic. This volume carries on from the fallout at the end of volume one, namely that Starlord got everyone to join up by having Mantis use her psychic doodadery to get them to agree. After walking out they informally end up in three groups, each coming up against enemy threats as they work through their anger. We get to see prison 42 in the negative zone, spend time in a limbo-like zone with a dragon (and get some existential discussion on the universe from Drax) and meet a new and invisible enemy (the Badoon) who will apparently be the cause of the end of the universe 1000 years into the future. It's a little disjointed shifting from group to group, but as this is part one of the War of Kings I'm guessing the team will reform in the very near future to meet this threat head on.

Wonder Woman: Iron (Volume 3)

Written by: Brian Azzarello; Illustrated by: Cliff Chiang (Illustrations), Tony Akins, Dan Green, Goran Sudžuka, Amilcar Pinna, Rick Burchett

Published: 2013

My Thoughts: As if her newly discovered family wasn't trouble enough, Wonder Woman now has to deal with an even greater threat, the nameless first son of Zeus and Hera. To combat this epic force, Wonder Woman needs the help of the rest of Zeus's illegitimate children which sends her on a pilgrimage across the world to find them all. We also get a glimpse at a relationship we didn't know existed before, one that throws some new perspectives on WW's current situation and threatens (promises?) to add some complications down the line. I'm almost at the end of Azzarello's arc and while I really enjoy his writing and plotting I'm interested in seeing what direction the books take once he hands the mantel on. But until then, I think I can rest assured that there's going to be a lot of badass butt-kicking in the meantime.


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