Thursday, September 18, 2014

Book Survey #215

I am nothing if not a team player, so when everyone else does a bookish questionnaire I do a bookish questionnaire.  Plus, y'know, procrastination is good.

1. What is your favorite fictional food or drink? 
As a kid I read a lot of Enid Blyton and I especially loved Adventures of the Wishing Chair and The Faraway Tree. There was always the most swoon-worthy description of honey pies and magic sweets and bubbly drinks. It was the best.

2. How long did it take you to finish your last book?
I read The Maze Runner over about 3 days when I was at my friend's wedding. 

3. How many times do you stare at your books or bookshelves each day?
Not often. My bookshelves are in our spare bedroom so I only go in there if I'm looking for something new to read. Which I guess is actually fairly often.

4. How many Goodreads friends and books do you have?
I'm too lazy to go check, but I think I have around 90 friends? Although I probably only follow about 10 people's reviews. And I have far too many books on my TBR. It's getting embarrassing.

5. Do you ever quote books in public?
It's probably less books and more TV shows and movies when it comes to quotes but I tend to quote A LOT.

6. Do you ever reread books?
Not in forever. When you have 200+ books on your shelf that you haven't read it's hard to pick up a book you've already read once, twice, fourteen times.

7. Do you judge a book by its cover?
Absolutely. I love attractive books, bold graphics, abstract prints, really minimalist designs - ooooh baby. But if I've heard good things about a book I'll pick it up even if it has a headless photo, a floaty girl in a swishy dress or a movie tie-in poster cover. Well. I'll get it from the library at least.

8. Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr?
All three, but twitter is probably my most bookish when it comes to social media.

9. Which genres take you the longest to read?
Classics. Old-timey language and attitude does not a speed read make.

10. Who are your favorite BookTubers (or Book Bloggers)?
I don't think I've ever book-tubed, but my list of book bloggers is long. You all know who you are, but in case you're in need of a confidence boost...

Canada Kayleigh

You guys are the bee's knees.

11. How often do you pre-order books?
Um, I think Harry Potter were the only books I ever pre-ordered, and technically my mum did that. 

12. Are you a shopaholic?
No? I enjoy buying people presents though - I go crazy overboard when it comes to buying presents for people.

13. How many times have you reread your favorite book?
I don't even know which book would be my favourite. I've probably read the Harry Potter series through a dozen times, which I imagine exceeds any other rereads I've done.

14. Do you own a lot of books?
So, so many. I've been pretty good this year though. I've donated more books than I've bought.

15. Do you take pictures of your books before you read them?
no? I take the occasional photo for instagram, but I'm not weirdly keeping a photographic library of my library.

16. Do you read every day?
Something, yes. I try and read a book but if I'm exhausted after a day of research it'll probably be a comic or magazine.

17. How do you choose a new book?
I have a vague pile of books in my mind that are my must-must-must-must read sooner than soon. But if I buy a book while I'm out, or order one online or here some amazing buzz about a book that's been sitting on my shelf for years...well, that vague pile has been pretty similar looking for awhile now.

18. Do you always have a book with you?
Now that I have the kindle app on my phone, yes. I usually tried to have a physical book, but the size of my purse would sometimes make that tricky if I was going out in the evening. Thank god for digital books I say, I'm never left in an awkward situation now!

19. What are your biggest distractions from reading?
The internet and television. There are so many shows I love to watch and sometimes I spend a night watching just them and getting zero reading done.

20. What is your favorite place to buy books?
I love to try and find a shop that has a coffee shop or cafe attached so I can shop and drink caffeine and eat cake at the same time. But since I'm pretty time-poor, it's more likely that I order books online.

Procrastination complete!


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