Monday, May 12, 2014

Holiday Photo Diary: Tokyo The Second (week 3)

Considering how many posts I had of photos for America/Canada I didn't want to bombard everyone with my Japan photos too quickly, but maybe I went a little bit too far in the other direction. Whoops.

This one is actually going to be pretty short* because I was mostly plodding through my uni work and missing any real photo opportunities but I did manage to have two spectacular days in particular**. I got to head back to Disneyland and this time check out DisneySea (which is exclusive to Japan) which was brilliant fun, of course. I didn't get there early enough to get the fast-passes so I spent much of my day in lines (the worst) but it was a beautiful day, the rides were exhilarating (and cold!) the food was scrumptious and I couldn't resist a souvenir or two.

 Even more awesomely I got to meet Yurie, who has been my pen-pal for the past 15 years! We were matched up when I was in year 4 in Adelaide and taking Japanese for the first time. We wrote to each other (in English, which is probably why her English is flawless and my Japanese sucks) for years until high school got in the way and our letters dropped off. I used to love getting letters from Yurie, other than her being a super awesome chickadee with similar hobbies, she also had the best stationary and her presents at my birthday were brilliantly different from what I was used to (I've had a love for Japanese whimsy for years thanks to Yurie). Anyway, late in high school we got back in touch via email and then lost touch again, rekindled the friendship on facebook but were unable to organise a meeting on my first Japanese trip and finally, finally, got to meet this time around. It was a really great day and a half. We got to visit the gorgeous Studio Ghibli museum (if you don't watch Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki films then STEP ON IT), went shopping for anime and movie toys and merchandise, had a 7 course traditional Japanese meal and wandered around the Asakusa shopping streets and Sensoji temple. A massive, amazing wonderful couple of full-on days!

My lone DisneySea picture (the rest I lost, see below)

I can't actually remember what this building was for, but it had an art showcase down to the left.

Studio Ghibli, sadly you coupldn't take photos inside but trust me, it was pure magic

Studio Ghibli

Sensoji temple, Asakusa

Sensoji temple, Asakusa

Ueno Park shrine

*Partly for the reason I give above and partly because I just bought a new phone and when I moved all my photos off my old phone I apparently missed a whole chunk of of the Japanese holiday variety. Womp womp. 

**That I can share with you. They were all pretty spectacular compared with regular life for me!


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