Saturday, March 22, 2014

Holiday Photo Diary: Tokyo 2014 (week 1)

 Since I had to get a lot of stuff done for my thesis, my sight-seeing was smooshed into any available gap I could find. And I actually managed to see a fair amount, stopping into see Tokyo sights on the way to and from meetings and making the most of free evenings. My trip was roughly split into three sections, a first week in Tokyo, a second week up in Hokkaido for the Yubari Fantastic Film Festival, and then a final week back in Tokyo. This seemed like a pretty logical way to split up my photos, so what you'll be seeing today is my first hectic 6 days in the awesome city of Tokyo.

The greatest playground EVER, Asakusa
The Tokyo Sky Tree's shadow looming over Tokyo
Meiji-Jingu (shrine close to Harajuku)
Donations of sake barrels by the largest sake manufacturers, Meiji-Jingu 
I will never tire of TLJ as the face of Boss Coffee
Old and New - quintessential Tokyo. (Tokyo Tower)
Double bridge at the Imperial Palace
Cleaning fallen branches out of moat around the Imperial Palace
kaminarimon, Asakusa


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