Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Links

**I watched season 1 of House of Cards on a couple of the flights I took to/from America so I was pretty excited about Season 2 airing. Can we talk about how awesome/terrible Netflix's release-everything-at-once system is? Because yes, I am so happy not to have to wait a week between episodes but gooooodbye productivity! Is it even possible not to binge-watch when there's a brand new series available in its entirety?

**I know most of you are cursing the snow and feeling sad about the cold but it is SO HOT RIGHT NOW. I do not like 36 degree days with 10,000% humidity. No I do not. Especially when I'm working from home with no air-conditioning and no ceiling fans. I do not understand why so many people build houses in the freaking tropics and don't automatically install fans. It's like they're intentionally trying to stop me from getting a good night sleep for 3 months straight.

**This video is the absolute most adorable thing ever. His excited sigh when Supes starts gathering energy to fly made me awwww so hard my ovaries skipped a beat.


*Publishers are taking a leaf out of Netflix's book and want you to binge-read series. (Via Jezebel)

*More quizzes! What It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia character are you? I'm Sweet Dee! (Via Buzzfeed)

*NOPE. It is unfair how talented these artists are. (Via Viral Nova)

*Caitlin Moran discussing feminism and her book How to be a Woman at The Royal Library in Denmark. It's over an hour of awesomeness. (Via Youtube)

*yeesh, talk about kicking it out of the park. A kickstarter by Lightspeed Magazine for an all-female issue called "Women Destroy Science Fiction" has absolutely dominated. Looks like we're finally recognising the need for more female writers in the genre fields. Huzzah! (Via i09)

*Sigh, another reason to be embarrassed by my government, we made a condescending graphic novel to ward of asylum seekers arriving by boat. (Via Buzzfeed)

*Ooooh, Martin Starr reads us the sexy letters written by James Joyce. Dude was filthy. (Via Jezebel)

*Aled Lewis is a man after my own heart. An illustrator by trade, he decided to depict some iconic TV/film slaps and punches and made them into 16-bit art pieces. (Via Gammasquad)


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