Thursday, December 5, 2013

A day in New York


So I've been a little bit more absent than I was expecting but there's so much to do and see! My senses are on complete overload, which has the benefit of sending me off into a deep sleep without worrying about the constant time zone changes I've gone through.

I was going to upload a bunch of photos from the trip so far but most of them are on my camera and I'm far too lazy to download those at the moment. Instead I thought I'd snap a few non-instagram-destined photos and do a bit of a photo-an-hour post. Except it isn't a photo an hour, it's more of a photo-when-I-remembered general gist of how my day went. I always feel like an idiot whipping out my camera on holiday which is stupid because it's not like being a tourist is a bad thing but I always try and snap my pictures as quickly as possible anyway. My camera is good enough to deal with my walk and snaps, my phone camera...not so much. So these are far from being the best pictures ever, but since I'll probably wait until the end of my holiday to upload the proper camera pictures they're the best I've got for now.

Today was a strangely bookish day, which was awesome but not something we set out to do when we left in the morning. There are some killer bookstores in the city, and I'm trying really, really hard not to just buy ALL THE BOOKS and leave myself with no money and no luggage space for the rest of the holiday. But it's hard you guys. It's real hard. Anyway, I'll be back with some reviews and holiday updates soon, promise!

The gorgeous steps up to our hostel.

The mural and cheap shelves at Strand Books (sooooo good!)

Grand Central Station

One of the lions outside the NYPL

Looking through the Midtown comics racks for some gold

Waiting for Book of Mormon to begin!

Going home for the night.


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