Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monday Links (on Tuesday)

*Breaking Bad as a middle-school musical. These kids KILL it, especially Jesse and the Gus Fring "Are you a chicken like the chicken I sell in my chicken shop" song. This is how you win at being a kid.

*There are a bunch of books mentioned or pictured in OitNB, and buzzfeed rounded them all up for you (Via Buzzfeed)

*I know most of us are big on the "THE BOOK IS ALWAYS BETER" mantra, but here are 5 books that the authors actually thought were better than their original work (Via Cracked)

*The internet went a little crazy last week when Peter Capaldi was named as the next doctor (apparently people think he's too old or not "hot" enough - boo to them), but this article accepts the casting and argues that it's Moffat needs to move on. (Via Zap 2 it)

*Here are 28 things JKR has revealed about Harry Potter characters since the books ended. #18 is actually a point we raised in the readalong - I bet she answered that after reading our posts! (Via Buzzfeed)

*Writers as architects, a series of architectural models inspired by literary texts made by SOA students. (Via NY Times)

*I reviewed Horns last Friday and LOVED IT. Loved it so much, in fact, that I'm offering a copy + goodies to one lucky person. Just head to the post for details. (Via Me!)


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